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WILD Wednesdays!

Embark on an adventure every WILD Wednesday from 11 am to 4 pm!

With a full line up of fun experiences, including our Wildlife Wanderers program, live shows, wild rides, edutainment and over 70 different wildlife species - what are you waiting for? Come get a Wild (Wednesdays) Life!

Wednesday Lineup

11am – 12.00pm Wildlife Wanderers (pre-registration required):
Immerse yourselves in the wonders of nature with this tactile play program led by our wildlife rangers. The session is designed to provide hands-on interaction with the natural world, fostering sensory exploration for young participants. 

11.30am – 12.00pm Roam with Roos (pre-registration required):
Our iconic Kangaroo experience.  Walk amongst one of Australia's most loved & recognised creatures. You'll be greeted by a Wildlife Ranger in our Roo Haven where you can spend 15 minutes hand-feeding the roos & learn a little more about what makes them so special. Hooroo!

12.00pm – 2.00pm Junior Rides:
Enjoy playtime on our junior ride attractions, spin with excitement on our twirling berry teacups, take a colourful train ride through the park and hop on a pirate ship...if you dare!

12.00pm – Aussie Outback Experience (pre-registration required):
We'll give you a glimpse into life in the Aussie Outback.  Our live show featuring cow milking, whip cracking & sheep shearing.

1.30pm – Free Flight Bird Show:

Are you ready to be amazed? Our Free-Flight Bird Show will have our talented birds singing, dancing and flying right over the top of your head!

2.00pm – 4.00pm Wildlife Trail:

Conclude your day with free-roaming time within the wildlife trail, offering participants the chance to engage in animal feeding activities and educational keeper talks. This session provides a unique blend of entertainment and education, creating lasting memories for both children and their accompanying adults.


Each person attending WILD Wednesday is required to have a single day ticket or a pass registration.

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Wildlife Wanderers Program

Embark on a journey of creativity and discovery with our captivating program designed for nature enthusiasts aged 0 - 5. At Wildlife Wanderers, we blend education and excitement to bring you a unique series of engaging activities that connect children with the fascinating world of wildlife.

Unleash your creativity as we craft themed enrichment items, go on thrilling scavenger hunts, and create beautiful nests from foraged treasures. Our carefully curated activities promise not only fun and laughter but also an opportunity to learn about and interact with our incredible animal residents. Each week holds a new adventure, from finger painting with a mix of unconventional materials to celebrating World Wildlife Day by crafting recycled turtles and jellyfish.

What's On In Term Two?

Week One: 17th April

BATS are cool pollinators. They help our gardens and forests to grow. Help the Wildlife team grow Wildlife friendly plants in new garden beds made from logs. Then create your own hanging bat to take home.

MAIN ACTIVITY - Create garden beds in logs and help plant animal friendly herbs and flowers
SECONDARY ACTIVITIES - Make a hanging bat, Chalk drawing, Teddies.
LOCATION - Mushrooms in the Wildlife Trail or Outback Events Wing (weather dependant)

Week Two: 24th April

Meet our coolest animals. Literally.  Watch Tux and Bow the Little Penguins get fed.

MAIN ACTIVITY - Make penguins out of your handprint
SECONDARY ACTIVITIES - Create and decorate Bottle cap fish, Bubbles, Ball pit
ANIMAL ENCOUNTER - Penguin Feeding
LOCATION - Mushrooms in the Wildlife Trail or Function Room (weather dependant)

Week Three: 1st May

Dress up as a vet and look after your teddy patients.
Help the Wildlife Team say thank you to the team at Drouin Vet Clinic by creating a mural for them.

MAIN ACTIVITY - Pretend to be a vet using first aid equipment to look after your teddy patients
SECONDARY ACTIVITIES - Help us create a thank you mural for the team at Drouin vet clinic.
LOCATION - Mushrooms in the Wildlife Trail or Outback Events Wing (weather dependant)

Week Four: 8th May

Create some beautiful flowers and a card for Mum, Auntie or Grandma for Mothers day.

MAIN ACTIVITY - Paper plate flowers
SECONDARY ACTIVITIES - Mothers day card colouring in, Tactile Seed trays, Mystery animal eggs.
LOCATION - Outback Events Wing

Week Five: 15th May

In many cultures summoning rain included using musical instruments, once such instrument was the rain stick.

MAIN ACTIVITY - Rain stick bottles. scented or unscented.
SECONDARY ACTIVITIES - Playdough, Tactile table, Plants texture and smell table/walk.
LOCATION - Mushrooms in the Wildlife Trail or Outback Events Wing (weather permitted)

Week Six: 22nd May

Every year on the third Friday in May, thousands of people around the world participate in Endangered Species Day by celebrating, learning about, and taking action to protect threatened and endangered species. Learn all about the cutest animal we have in the park the Critically Endangered Mountain Pygmy Possum

MAIN ACTIVITY - Cut out and decorate a Mountain Pygmy Possum face mask.
SECONDARY ACTIVITIES - Listen to a Pygmy Possum book, Bogong moth craft.
ANIMAL ENCOUNTER - Mountain pygmy possum (weather dependent)
LOCATION - Mushrooms in the Wildlife Trail or Outback Events Wing (weather dependent)

Week Seven: 29th May

World Parrot Day is May 31! It was started by in 2004 as a way to let everyone know that these remarkable birds need protecting in the wildMake and decorate your own Parrot created out of paper cups.

MAIN ACTIVITY - Create Parrots from paper cups
SECONDARY ACTIVITIES - Fold and fly Paper planes, Playdough.
ANIMAL ENCOUNTER - Be the first to see our Green wing macaw training.
LOCATION - Function Centre

Week Eight: 5th June

World Environment Day, held annually on 5 June, brings together millions of people from across the globe, engaging them in the effort to protect and restore the Earth. This year marks the event’s 50th anniversary. Create seed paper you can plant and grow at home. 

MAIN ACTIVITY - Make seed paper from recycled paper and beneficial insect seeds. 
SECONDARY ACTIVITIES - Bubble art, Chalk drawing, Recycling game.
LOCATION - Mushrooms in the Wildlife Trail or Outback Events Wing (weather dependent)

Week Nine: 12th June

Bring your favourite teddy to have a teddy bears picnic. Create and decorate a cup and saucer made from recycled materials.
MAIN ACTIVITY - Paper roll teacups and paper plate decoration.
LOCATION - Mushrooms in the Wildlife Trail or Outback Events Wing (weather dependent)

Week Ten: 19th June

Create toys for our animals to play with. 

MAIN ACTIVITY - Create woven boards for our birds.
Decorating paper tubes with Texta's, creating tube stacks with natural twine to hold them together.
SECONDARY ACTIVITIES - Mystery animal eggs, Playdough
LOCATION - Mushrooms in the Wildlife Trail or Outback Events Wing (weather dependent)

Week Eleven: 26th June (FINAL FOR TERM 2)

Dress up as a bee or butterfly and go on a hunt for some cool insects.
MAIN ACTIVITY - Take a look through the Wildlife Gardens for some cool insects.
SECONDARY ACTIVITIES - Create a antennae headband, check out some cool bugs under a magnifying glass.
LOCATION - Mushrooms in the Wildlife Trail or Outback Events Wing (weather dependent)

Wildlife Wanderers Testimonials

"Wednesday is our favourite day of the week. We love WW and Gumbuya. Having the kids rides have been great. Thankyou so much to all the rangers and coordinators."

WW Parent / Guardian

"Kids love the animals and the special encounters that they get with them. Thankyou for an amazing year we have loved the program."

WW Parent / Guardian

"Thank you for another amazing year of WW! It is great for the kids (and parents!) to get out and about in nature whilst making so many new friends!"

WW Parent / Guardian

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pre - register for WILD Wednesdays if I already have a term pass or Annual Pass?
Yes - pre registrations are required each week for term and annual pass holders.

What age range is WILD Wednesdays suitable for?
Children aged 0 - 5 with their parent / guardian.

Is the Café open on WILD Wednesdays?
Yes - the Outback Café is open from 11am - 1pm on WILD Wednesdays

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