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Food & Beverage Policy

Purpose of the Policy

At Gumbuya World, our food policy reflects our dedication to sustainability and waste reduction, while also ensuring the maintenance of our current high food standards. While we restrict external food and beverages to uphold health and safety standards, we warmly welcome fruits, water, and baby food. By minimizing single-use plastics through encouraging reusable water bottles and reducing external packaging, we strive to create a cleaner and more environmentally responsible park. This approach not only aligns with our commitment to minimizing waste but also safe guards the quality and diversity of our current offerings. We appreciate your cooperation in creating a sustainable and memorable visit to Gumbuya World, where high standards and environmental responsibility go hand in hand.

Food & Beverage Terms and Conditions

Gumbuya World does not permit external food and beverages aside from fruit, water and baby food to be brought into the park. Please review the list of permitted / prohibited items.

Fruit: Guests are welcome to bring fresh fruits into the park. Fruit packaging, such as plastic containers or wrappers, should be disposed of responsibly in designated bins.

Water: Guests are allowed to bring water bottles into the park. Please ensure that water bottles are sealed upon entry. Reusable water bottles are encouraged to promote sustainability.

Baby Food: Parents and guardians are permitted to bring baby food into the park for infants.

Special Dietary Needs: Gumbuya World understands that some guests may have specific dietary requirements or allergies. Guests with special dietary needs are permitted to enter with food and beverage items to cater to their dietary requirements.

Safety Check: All bags and personal items are subject to safety checks at the park entrance. Any prohibited items including food, beverages, weapons, glass, alcohol and cook wear will be confiscated, and the guest will be informed of the food policy.

Upon entering the Gumbuya World premises, it is understood that you agree to comply with and abide by the food and beverage policy in place. Your cooperation ensures a safe, enjoyable, and environmentally responsible experience for all visitors. Thank you for your understanding and adherence to our policies

Permitted Items

Baby food, Water and Fresh Fruit

Prohibited Items

Glass, Alcohol, Soft Drink, Juice, Flavored Milks, Pre Prepared Food, BBQ's & Cook wear, Weapons and Knifes

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